GWS Anderson Scout Park

A Collection of Photos

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On the Bike Trail

Rafting by the lake

Before the campfire - Family Camp

At the campfire - Family Camp


Mud - The new uniform

Meal at the Family Camp

Meal at the Family Camp

Meal at the Family Camp

2nd Prahran on parade

Bush track

The Chalet

Jetty on the Lake (Loch Lowe)

View across the Lake (Loch Lowe)

The Chapel

Family Camp - How do we do this again

Family Camp - Thanks John this is great

Family Camp - The Master at Work

13th Malvern - Breakfast at last

13th Malvern - Nick trying to hide

13th Malvern - Hamish the chef

13th Malvern - Who said boys can't have fun

Bloody Tourists


Hope I don't fall in front of this mob

Made the drop off

Narrow and fast

Oh Shit Whats This

The Straight and Narrow

Wish I could enjoy the scenery

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